04 June 2006

Sundowners = Good Time

Once a week at London Business School, we have Sundowners. At Sundowners I get to drink for free (as do all the students, faculty and staff at the school)! In the MBAr they serve good beer, not crappy Spanish beer like Cruzcampo, Estrella Damm and San Miguel. I am definitely enjoying Guiness and Four-X.

A Picture From My Escape

Here's a pic Ben Wai took of me travelling on the EuroStar to my new home in London. That cup I am in is the MBAT Champions Trophy Cup. My new London Business School buddies are pretty excited because they whooped a bunch of other business schools to become the 2006 MBAT Champions! (Of course, their status as champions is one of the reasons why I left my old business school in Spain to come here.)

02 June 2006

I Have Been ID'd!

As you can see, I have received my student ID and some stylin' earrings. I also got a few pints in at Sundowners. Going travelling soon and will check back later!


Free at Last!

Thanks to the help of my new friends, I finally escaped Spain (by way of France) to come and reside in London!

I am loving it so much here that I have decided to start a blog to chronicle my adventures.

First, a big piece of news: I have been accepted into the London Business School MBA Class of 2008!!!

I must say, I am excited about the transition from "that business school in Spain". I have a lot to post (including some pictures of me in my new home) so stay tuned!